Loans management made easy

Cerquit Loans Management System is a holistic web application that is technically designed to support wide range of industry - from micro-financing companies to large -scale real estate developers; Cerquit Loans is a solution to the complex requirements of any loans system; it covers managing of extensive tasks - application of loans, managing receivables , financial assistance, collections, and creating reports. It aims to promote productivity, efficiency and convenience to not just collection officers, but to the managers , executives and business owners as well.

For any financing company, the Cerquit Loans can be a hub that is a combination of simplicity, power and intelligence - a simple and sleek interface, powerful functionalities and intelligent reports.

Cerquit Loans Management System

Cerquit Loans is 100% developed and maintained by Cerquit Solutions Inc. And can be integrated to Cerquit Accounting System.

System Features:

  • An application Dashboard which shows summary of all closely monitored information such as:
    a. No. of active clients by loan types.
    b. List of Loan Applicants.
    c. List of Checks for deposit.
    d. List of Checks for pullout.
    e. Amortizations Due for the week.
  • Embedded Property Management System that allows the company to add several real estate projects, units under these projects; specific details for each unit; monitor status of the properties real time.
  • Supports In-House and Pagibig – HDMF Loans.
  • Supports amortization for Equity and Down payment loans, with automatic generation of amortization schedule based on defined parameters.
  • Automatic computation of penalties as defined.
  • Supports PDC (Post-Dated Check) management, with automatic generation of PDCs from a given check series.
  • Provides a facility to easily monitor Collections.
  • Supports custom-defined loan aging and grace period.
  • Can also be applied to leased properties.
  • The use of Apply Loan Wizard to easily create loans in a few very easy steps.
  • With a calendar of holidays with option to automatically wave penalties on these defined dates.
  • Supports several user levels and restrictions.
  • A holistic Client Loan Profile which provides a summarized data of a client’s loan – consisting of:
    a. List of Amortization Schedule
    b. Client’s Loan Ledger
    c. Client’s personal information
    d. Details of the Property borrowed
  • Provides a Calculator tool that helps in computing monthly amortization cost given specific parameters (e.g. terms, interest rate) – which can be helpful for clients in assessing their finances.
  • A facility that helps collectors to efficiently monitor their borrowers’ activities with the use of Loan Notes and Loan Documents.
  • Loan Restructuring
  • Pre-Termination of Loan
  • Viewable Loan Archive
  • Can be integrated to your present accounting system.
  • Availability of audit trail.
  • With integrated reports.

Key Benefits:

  • Reports are readily available and can easily be delivered; A few examples are:
    a. These system-generated reports provide intelligently grouped data which can help with analysing the current status of the business.
    b. A report that can identify past due/defaulting clients.
    c. One that can clearly show aging of loans.
    d. A report to show collections.
    e. With embedded templates of notices that are usually sent to clients.
  • It’s a web application, thus, can be accessed via internet, anytime, anywhere, with applied restrictions, therefore, without compromising security.
  • Eliminates tedious manual processes, prevents inevitable human errors, redundancy of tasks, delay in reports, conflicts in managing of accounts amongst collection officers. Promotes productivity, efficiency and accuracy in collections department.
  • Management of loans becomes very easy - the CLMS application can help with stress-free income monitoring and decision making.